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When you’re choosing an accent wall location, the key is to imagine how you would experience the space as you’re walking through it. If you peek into a space, which wall do you see first? If you are walking through a large expansive space, is there a wall that will draw one’s eyes through the space? Think about how you enter a room. If you want to draw someone into a room off of a main hallway, you might want the accent wall to be on the wall opposite of the door so you get a preview. This is especially the case if the room is very glassy, like a conference room with full height glass on one side.Consider exterior views would you want to be able to see the accent wall from the street? This can be quite dramatic as well. Imagine an all white farmhouse, with a bright red accent wall in the dining room. At night, dinner guests pulling up to park, might be able to see this intense hue from the street.


What Clients Say

Your work is simply beautiful!!
Your work is simply beautiful!!
Your work is simply beautiful!!
Your work is simply beautiful!!
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