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Elevate Your Interior Design Skills to New Heights!

Bring Your Vision To Life, With Jones Designs Accent Wall Artistry!

At Jones Designs, we believe in the power of handcrafted artistry. Led by our visionary CEO and top designer, Robert Jones, we have cornered the industry of accent wall artistry, attracting high-profile clients who appreciate the beauty and impact of our creations. Now, we invite you to join our exclusive course, "Accent Walls 101," where you'll learn the skills to produce stunning, high-end accent walls that leave a lasting impression.


Master the Art of Creating Breathtaking Accent Walls and Unlock Your Creative Potential!




Designs Styles you will learn!

Presented by Robert Jones 
Founder & CEO of Jones Designs 

Jones Designs gives aspiring entrepreneurs or DIY the ability to learn a trade in producing beautiful, high-end wall designs and wooden accent/feature walls at their own leisure and pace. We teach our students how to make beautiful wall designs at an affordable price. This skill gives students the opportunity to sell their services as a side hustle, main source of income, or simply as artwork 


Who Is The Program For?

This program is perfect for Do it yourselves who want to add beautiful wall art to their home or anyone looking for a trade that’s good for beginners with the opportunity to expand toward a new career path. From artists looking to express themselves and earn income to entrepreneurial minds who simply want a new trade to sell — Jones design courses are perfect for anyone looking to turn art or woodworking into a financially rewarding career.



 In this course, we will cover

 During this course, you will learn all the secrets that Mr. Jones has learned over the years as a woodworker and artist! Whether you are new to working with power tools or installing wall, trim you can start earning up to  6 figures a year, you are going to gain knowledge about what tools to use and learn the techniques Robert has perfected in his craft 


The Accent wall Course

Gives You:

  • Biweekly Zoom Calls: Every two weeks, join interactive Zoom sessions where you have the freedom to ask any question about the course and the nuances of being an accent wall artist, ensuring personalized interaction and guidance.

  • Forum Community Access: Dive into a thriving forum community characterized by exponential growth. Engage in discussions rich with information, insights, and experiences shared by fellow students and professionals.

  • Job Lead Boards: Stay ahead in your career with access to exclusive job lead boards posted within the forums, connecting you to potential opportunities in the accent wall design industry.

  • The Trade You Can Use To Earn A Living: Equip yourself with skills that not only enhance your passion but also open doors to lucrative career opportunities.

  • The Techniques That Will Simplify the Design Install: Master streamlined methods that make the design installation process efficient and hassle-free.

  • The Techniques To Do It Yourself At Home: Gain the know-how to undertake accent wall projects in your own space, transforming interiors with a personal touch.

  • The Techniques That Will Take Your Current Knowledge To Another Level: Elevate your existing skills with advanced techniques and insights, setting you apart in the design world.

  • The Secrets On Which Tools To Use: Uncover the preferred tools of the trade, ensuring precision and excellence in every project.

  • The Secrets On Which Materials To Use: Discover the best materials for various designs, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • The Preparation: Understand the crucial preparatory steps that set the foundation for a flawless design install.

  • The Formula to His Most Popular Wall Designs: Decode the magic behind the most sought-after wall designs, allowing you to replicate or innovate with confidence.

  • The Ability To Install Wall Designs With Confidence: With comprehensive training and hands-on experience, approach every project with assuredness and expertise.

  • This comprehensive list ensures that students receive a well-rounded and enriching learning experience from the accent wall course.




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